Our Company

About Us

Gyro Logistics grew based on growth in imports from Asia, exports to Latin America, and partnering within the United Shipping Network. and we continued growth by joining the GAA Forwarder Network, expanding the our customer service team, and concentrating on strengthening relationships with vendors, clients, and agents.

Today, We continue to lead our team to further growth by staying with its core strength and 3 keys to success:
1. Provide superior customer service, costs saving and excellent communication to agents and clients
2. Networking with strategic partners worldwide
3. Maintaining & strengthening business relationships with partners and clients

Our Vision

  • Across the broad spectrum of our clients’ needs, Gyro Logistics is dedicated to supplying a total package of competitive and innovative solutions in our fields of expertise.
  • We value the trust our clients place in us, resulting in mutually beneficial and transparent partnerships that are a prerequisite in these dynamic and challenging times.
  • Maintaining our fundamental core values is and always will be the measure of our success.

Company Profile

Gyro Logistics, Inc was founded in 2012 in Dallas, TX as a Truck carrier and Freight forwarderToday, Our team is strong with offices in McAllen, Dallas and Monterrey Mexico. Our great staff focuses on maintaining exceptional customer and vendor relationships. Each team member is an experienced professional with over ten years in the industry. Our experience in the industry, combined with our top-notch customer service allows us to give our clients comprehensive assistance at the most competitive prices.

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